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Welcome to

Mighty Bambinis
Forest Preschool

Connect. Create. Grow.

Mill Valley & Tiburon 

Mighty Bambinis is...

"Look deep into nature, and then you'll understand everything better." Einstein

In the first 5 years, 90% of our children's brains are wired creating pathways of thoughts and behaviors that will be with them for a life. Studies have shown the sensory-rich natural world heals, soothes restores, and connects us. In nature, children learn a deep connection between themselves and the living world, confidence in their own abilities, and the importance of caring for our Earth, our bodies, and each other.


 Mighty Bambinis' child-centered Reggio Emilia approach nurtures children's intrinsic curiosity, creative problem solving and expression, and cooperative pro-social behaviors.

Outside. Safer Together.

We are responsive to changes in Public Health guidance and the families in our program. Our program are currently mask optional for children and teachers. We are following Marin County guidelines

Learn More about our COVID Safety Plan


9:00am - 1:00pm year-round preschool for 3-5 years old in Southern Marin. 

A school where children and families THRIVE

Small cohort nature school preschool (around 15 children & 3 teachers) in nature spots in Mill Valley and Tiburon.

Paired with robust monthly parent education series taught by our Director Evelyn (CCSF Faculty, parenting expert) AND meaningful community events (camping trips, holiday celebrations) for a deeply supportive community for families.


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We accept children ages 3 to  6 years (Kindergarten Entry) for our nature preschool program.  For non-summer and fall applicants, enrollment is on a rolling-basis as spots open during the year.


Admissions process:

  1. Submit a Prospective Family Form and application fee

  2. Take part in a Getting to Know you Phone Call and/or Playdate.

  3. Enrollment Offers & Acceptance 

  4. Welcome! & First Week Transition Plan Development

See Admissions Page for details. 

 A nature preschool where children thrive in connection with others and nature; create and learn through play and project-based inquiry; and grow in self-knowledge and confidence. 


AND a community where parents learn positive, connection-based parenting approaches and support each other during the preschool years and beyond. 



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Our Approach

Mighty Bambinis merges the child centered Reggio Emilia philosophy with the Nature School philosophy.  

Principles by which we guide our curriculum:



Young children thrive in caring community with teachers and peers. At Mighty Bambinis, relationships are at the heart of learning. Each child and teacher is seen, heard, respected and known. Our teachers are playful, loving and yet firm. This balance creates space and time for freedom within limits where children thrive to their fullest potential.


Parents are invited to connect and learn in community through our parent education program and special events. We are trained and inspired by mindful, connection-based teaching approaches -- Positive Discipline, No Drama Discipline, RIE (Resources in Education), and Hand in Hand Parenting to name a few. 



We see children as co-creators of their learning process in the forest and the classroom. We believe each group of children bring their own unique interests to school. Our emergent curriculum is based on the interest of the group, ever-changing and documented by our teachers on a daily basis. 



In the first 5 years, children's brains are developing faster than any other time in life. The experiences during these foundational years forge neural pathways that shape the way children's mental patterns natural fall into. In nature, humans are less anxious, more connected to the present moment, our bodies are challenged and strengthened. We are so honored to witness children's wonder, guiding, extending and learning along with them.


Our Founder

Evelyn Nichols, Founder and Director of Mighty Bambinis is an Early Childhood  expert with over 15 years experience. She is on City College of San Francisco Child Development Faculty, parent educator with Early Childhood Matters, and has a Masters in Education, Elementary (Multiple Subject) and English credentials, and CTC Site Supervisor Permit and more. 

Our Earth Educators team are Earth educators, explorers, artists, and mindfulness practitioners. Together we guide, observe and learn with children.  

What Parents Think


Rebecca Walsh,

parent & founder of Early Childhood Matters

" I have been in the field of Early Childhood for over 20 years; teaching, directing and now running my own teacher consultation/parent ed company.  Needless to say, my standards are quite high.  The teachers are emotionally connected and really seek to help the children to learn to be problem solvers with their peers, as well as to develop their intellectual curiosity.  Even at the youngest ages, they are chopping vegetables for their weekly soup, using wood-working tools and currently have an "invention room" where they are building cars, rocket ships and anything else they might imagine out of boxes, canisters, etc.  The curriculum is exactly what I would want to see for a group of children 2-5, and I cannot say enough about the program!"



Mighty Bambinis mom

"They are so knowledgeable about child development, both book-smart (they know the field of child development well and can talk with parents about it too) and experience-smart (the children can feel the love and competence and it makes them comfortable). The parents/families of Mighty Bambinis are also a tight knit community that is very supportive of one another. There is a lot of email discussion between the parents and enthusiastic attendance at a school camping trip, parties etc. When we joined Mighty Bambinis we wanted a preschool where our son would be cherished and encouraged. We found that we also we welcomed into a community of thoughtful and loving families and our son has a daily experience being cared for in a way that goes beyond our high expectations of what a preschool can do to care for our child!" ~ 


Noe Venable, 

Meadowlark Music & Parenting with Nature

Evelyn  is an amazing teacher and a wise, compassionate presence. She has so much expertise, and she brings it with such care and mindfulness and grace. I'm so excited that you're doing this, Evelyn, and I know that all who participate in this program, whether as teachers or as families, are going to be supremely blessed.



Atticus' Mom

"I'm not sure I can say enough good things about Mighty Bambinis and the experience my son had there. The staff is extremely caring and nurturing. They work closely with parents to ensure each child's needs are met and that the parents are aware of the latest developments with their child. The environment is very accessible for the kids, safe, educational (without it being shoved down the kid's throats) and fun. They constantly have activities for the kids to participate in so things aren't ever stale. Mighty Bambinis was everything we could have hoped for in a preschool and SO MUCH MORE! We were extremely sad to leave Bambinis behind when we moved to the East Bay. So much so, that I shed tears over it!  If you're in search of preschool you should absolutely check into them further! You'll kick yourself later if you don't!" ~ Auna, Atticus' mom



Zayden's mom

 "The entire MB team is very caring, responsive, and fun too.  Given the Reggio-Emilia inspired orientation, they are also flexible and follow what the individual child and group desires (vs strict pre-planned curriculum)... Also in tune with the school's philosophy, there is a lot of documentation.  I found this priceless.  It was evident from the amount of detail that the daily updates (photos, activities, nap, food) took extra time for the staff to complete, but they were so special to receive.  Not only did these daily updates provide a substantial view of my son's day, they also served as a launching point for my son to share more about his day...  In conclusion, I highly recommend Mighty Bambinis without hesitation.  It is a place where your child's curiosity is welcomed and valued. It is a place where the staff are flexible, caring, attentive, and knowledgable.  It is a special place where your child  will surely grow while receiving much attention and love."  


Tonya & Seth,

Indi's parents

"I'm a pediatric OT, and before that was a teacher, so I was very picky about where we chose to send her.  I wanted a place that was warm, nurturing, with a good focus on all areas of development and ample outdoor access. The strong emphasis on sensory exploration and the social emotion piece were big wins. Our daughter came into toddlerhood with constant gentle reinforcement on how to interact her peers and it continues to show. Sharing and turn taking was not easy. As her language developed they gave her the words and skills she needed to be a good friend. Evelyn was always very communicative and the daily emails with photos made us feel like we were right there with our daughter as she got to explore so many new things. We will definitely be looking into sending our next child there as well."

Accolades & Affiliations

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One of SF's top 20 preschools, now relocated to Southern Marin

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