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Mighty Bambinis  is seeking early childhood educators for our all outdoor program in Southern  Marin. We are looking for educators who want to make a difference in the lives of children and have a say in shaping our program. 

At Mighty Bambinis, we hope children learn to delight in wonder, deeply engage in learning, and to practice problem solving and experimentation together in harmony with nature. In short, we want children to spark a lifelong love of learning through a sense of belonging, hands-on emergent curriculum, and nature. At Mighty Bambinis we strive to nurture the whole child. 

Our goals are for children to develop: ​

  • Process over product growth mindset (wonder > experiment > reflect > repeat)

  • Deep connection with fellow humans and the natural world

  • Self-confidence and emotional agility through personal knowledge of mind, body, and heart

Our goals are for families to develop:

  • Parenting skills and confidence as playful, loving, yet firm leaders of their families

  •  Supportive community for the early years and beyond

We believe that nature awakens wonder, calms, heals and connects us to the world, each other and our truest selves.  At Mighty Bambinis we believe the early years are a foundation for the rest of children's lives. Through inquiry and imaginative play supported by respectful relationships ; meaningful connection to nature; and simple rhythms and consistency we provide rich soil for children to thrive. 

Immersive natural experiences offers a counter-balance to the negative consequences of "nature deficit disorder" in a time of accelerating screen time even for the youngest children. Children climb trees and rocks instead of structures, get wet and muddy, learn to become confident and self sufficient, anticipate and plan, plant seeds and see life bloom, collect flowers and identify vegetation and animal species, and are at home in the forest during all seasons.


Child-led, nature-based, experiential learning is provided and supported in relationship with caring, present teachers. We are seeking like-minded individuals who are up for the rewarding and invigorating work of a forest school teacher. Potential candidates must be flexible and exhibit a willingness to perform any job, be it crouching low to the ground to build stick and rock houses, getting dirty to make mud pies, WORK IN THE RAIN, or lifting and/or moving up to 50 pounds.


  • Job Title: Earth Educator

  • Location: Mill Valley Nature Park

  • Salary $25-40 per hour

  • Benefits: Paid time off 

  • Benefit Conditions: Waiting period may apply

  • Job Type: Full-time, Part-time

  • Weekly Hours:

    • 8:00/8:30am to 1:30pm 

    • OR 8:00 or 8:30am to 3/3:15pm

    • + required attendance at staff meetings 

  • Start date: negotiable 

Job Description

Duties with Children

  • Make sure the children are safe and and supported

  • Leave space for the children by not filling it with too much talking or direction

  • Interact with children in a positive, supportive, respectful and open-minded manner

  • Maintain visual and auditory supervision of children at all times to ensure their safety in the forest, the park playgrounds

  • Use positive, appropriate and supportive language with children

  • Observe children's behavior and learning, and scaffold experiential learning based on those observations

  • Help children resolve and negotiate conflicts when they arise; support development of self regulation, impulse control and coping mechanisms through supporting conflict resolution; use consistent techniques in guiding children's behavior

  • Work closely with Director regarding all duties

Parent Relations

  • Model Developmentally Appropriate Practices for parents

  • Communicate in a positive, supportive and professional manner

  • Maintain confidentiality in terms of children, staff, and parents when communicating with parents with parents regarding group projects, class activities and children's interests

  • Collaborate with parents regarding group projects, class activities and children's interests

Staff Relations

  • Establish and maintain a positive relationship of cooperation, communication, and respect with co-workers

  • Participate in staff meetings discussions and group process, collaborate with other staff in development of ideas and understandings

  • Communicate with fellow staff regarding discussions about children


Professional Expectations

  • Positively project the mission, goals, philosophy and policies of the preschool to parents, staff and community

  • Maintain regular attendance and punctuality

  • Attend training, staff development meetings and some evening meetings as scheduled

  • Attend professional development workshops and trainings when provided

  • Increase skills and knowledge in early childhood educationWork to inc



  • Preferred (not required) 12 ECE units

  • One to two years 2-6 year olds

  • Loves working with young children and is energetic and passionate about working one-on-one with children, as well as with groups of children.

  • Able to work cooperatively and collaboratively in an all outdoor, forest setting, and open and flexible to new ideas.

  • Active in the field of early childhood education, child development, forestry, environmentalism, conservation, herbology, any and all Earth based / nature based wisdom or knowledge, and knowledgeable about community resources that can be tapped as enrichment activities for students and parents.

  • Current Emergency First Aid and Child CPR certificate; (or willing to obtain quickly) current health screening and negative T.B. test.

  • Prior experience working in a an all outdoor setting is a plus.

Salary: Competitive, and Based upon Experience

Please submit your resume along with a cover letter telling us why you are interested in joining our amazing program to Evelyn at

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