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Mighty Bambinis

Chipmunks Toddler Programs

There are two Mighty ways Toddlers can participate in learning and playing with us:

  • Toddlers @ Mighty Bambinis (2y5m +, potty training not required)

  • Chipmunks Toddler & Caregiver Classes 9:30-11am Tuesdays and Wednesdays (8 week series)


Toddlers @ Mighty Bambinis

Mighty Bambinis teachers have always loved teaching and playing with Toddlers. We've had 2.5 year old siblings each year and now we're ready to open up to more Toddlers that will be 2y5m years old by the time they start!

Toddler Experts

Director Evelyn Nichols, M.Ed. is an expert in toddlers and infants, in addition to preschool-aged children. Evelyn has been trained in RIE (Resources for Infant Educators) Foundation course. Mighty Bambinis San Francisco was a observation site for RIE Foundations students and a Mentor site for SFSU and CCSF students studying infant and toddler childcare/preschool. Evelyn was a former CCSF Child Development Faculty Member and Parent Educator/Toddler Instructor with Early Childhood Matters. 

Potty & Nap Time

Potty Trained NOT required 
At our program, children learn as much from their teachers as each other. Each day we have two whole group potty "parties" where everyone tries to potty, then washes hands before meals. Toddlers love "me do it" and are very excited to try out what they see their older friends modeling. We are happy to support parents in their potty training journey at home and encouraging toddlers to try pottying in nature on our sanitized OXO travel potties. While they are in diapers we will lovingly change their diapers in the RIE style of caregiving, making the interactions positive moments of care and learning.

Nap Time
Our aftercare Owls Nest program, provides a small group slower paced afternoon from 1-3pm. Every day children play, rest and have snack. Parents provide a sleeping bag for children to have quiet rest time. During this time, all children rest quietly for at least 30 minutes. Older children that do not need a nap as supported to rest their bodies, enjoying slowing down and feeling their bodies on the ground and breath. After 30 minutes, children not napping will return to play and activities with a teacher.  Children that nap regularly, are supported to rest and take a nap. During cooler or wetter times, teachers will have a tent for children that regularly nap. There are many studied benefits to sleeping outdoors. Sleeping outdoors is practiced regularly in Nordic families and childcares, and in forest programs around the US.

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Benefits of Mixed Age

Toddlers are integrated in much of the regular day's flow and will naturally become more fully integrated as they have their 3rd birthday. There are so many benefits for toddlers to participate in a mixed age program. Toddler only classroom have more conflict and less language development without older children acting as excellent play mentors. Toddlers are not yet ready to share and take turns patiently. They tend to play side by side with similar objects called parallel play. They are more literal in their play, not yet having full access to imagination, planning and problem solving. However, with older friends that co-regulate and model calm play, with turn taking with cooperation, the demands on a toddler during play are more easeful. Toddlers can enjoy parallel playing near older friends learning through observation and taking part in learning to enter into play. 

Attachment with caregivers is of primary importance for young children, especially toddlers. Secure attachment is the foundation for children to explore the world and have a safe place to come back to. A mixed age classroom, means your child does not need to change teachers every year. Each year the attachment is maintained and is a launch point for socio-emotional learning and cognitive and physical learning. 


Ready for Mighty Bambinis?

At Mighty Bambinis we have a low ratio of 1:5, and can spend quality 1:1 time anytime a child needs it at our program. We can comfort and support your growing toddler in their happy and challenging moments with ease. 

Toddlers are in the sensorimotor phase of development. Being outside is essential for toddlers to experience the world through all of their senses and move their bodies in just right challenge ways. Toddlers are more quick to become overwhelmed in social interactions as their primal brainstem and emotional limbic system rules, which their cognitive pre-frontal cortex are not developed. Being outside (even in the rain) is a calming sensory experience for toddlers. The overstimulating noises, feeling of being too close, not being able to move their bodies don't challenge toddlers when they are outdoors. The play items outside have less "heat" and there are few conflicts over not having enough of the same toys, as there is always another fantastic stick, rock or nature treasure to find.

When toddlers' nervous systems spend less time in "fight or flight," they can spend more time in contented flow resulting in those pathways becoming the default state. 

After a tour, Evelyn and parents can assess readiness. We take time to teach safety protocols, but the one safety rule that some toddler struggle with is staying close to teachers and coming back when called. It is important for toddlers to be good at following these boundaries in order to enroll at Mighty Bambinis. Do they hold your hand when walking in a parking lot or sidewalk? Do they come back when called at a park? Do they walk on their own most of the time when you play at a park?

Come and visit us and we can decide after your tour/playdate. Many kids are ready by 2.5 years old.

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Toddler & Caregiver Classes 
6-8 week series

Our Chipmunk Toddler & Caregiver classes are designed for children ages 18 - 36 months with the accompaniment of an adult. 

Class Rhythm

Snack Time & Gathering

Song and Movement circle

Guided loose parts sensory/art play activity

Closing Circle / Puppet show 


Class Goals 

As an introduction to our program philosophy, Chipmunk Toddler and Caregiver class series provides a foundation for finding joy exploring and playing with your child in nature. Mighty Bambinis educators provide a safe, welcoming space for children and caregivers to develop a positive connections through sensory schematic play and in community of the same children and adults during the series. We hope that these experiences will create lasting memories, and lifelong curiosity and stewardship. We hope parents also gain a community of adventurous caregivers and parents. 


Each week you'll receive an article to ponder before the class, however, we won't be spending class time discussing adult material. We hope that it sparks ideas in your mind, but that during class time we are phone free and present giving our child the gift of our attention and play. 


Be sure to bring your warm layers and a playful spirit and roll up your sleeve to enjoy getting dirty with your kiddo! 

Classes take place in nature spots in Marin. Each series will be at the same location for the duration of the series. 

Spring 2024 Chipmunk Class Schedule

Tuesdays April 23 - June 11, 2024 from 9:30-11:00am

  • 8 week class

  • Price: $350

  • Location: Blackies Pasture (meet by the beach under the trees near the beach across from Blackies Statue)

Wednesdays, April 24 to June 12 9:30-11:00am

  • 8 week class

  • Price: $350

  • Location: Blackies Pasture (meet by the beach under the trees near the beach across from Blackies Statue)


  • ​Children must be between ages 18-36 months old as of the first day of class.

  • No makeup classes for illness or appointments

  • We'll have class rain or shine

  • Class Fees are non-refundable, but with 2 week cancellation can be saved as credit and applied to future enrollments or transferred to another friend. Absences are not refunded or credited.

  • Class will be canceled if the AQI is 150 or above (red) or in case of an extreme weather event (ie: atmospheric river). A make-up class will be offered if Mighty Bambinis Creation cancels the class.

  • 2 children can register for the class with one adult caregiver. The adult must be able to supervise both children. Up to 2 adults can attend the class, if you have an additional adult caregiver that will attend, please share their email with our Director Evelyn on the Registration Form.

If you have questions please email us at

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